Sunday, November 9, 2008

Proton Quality ??????

Just got back from Simpang Pulai,Perak accompanying my fiance to her friend wedding. From there we went to Cameroon Highlands for a 45 minutes drive,doing some surveys for our local honeymoon as my fiance insisting to go honeymoon over there when we married next year.

While cruising up there it was raining heavily so we head out back during ascending the beatiful mountains suddenly my Proton Saga (BLM) started his sickness again. the 'D' indicator was blinking, speedometer stop working and the automatic gear stuck in third gear statically.

We had to drove back home in that condition, normal car condition it took about 2 and half hours, with the sickness it too about 3 hours or more. This is the third time happened.

It is quite disappointing for me i thought i national car that we proud of had improve in terms of quality locally. I remembered saw in 'Majalah 3' regarding Proton in Australia and UK and heard what the Aussies and British commenting on Proton how good the quality. Well maybe internationally the quality but locally the quality not improving as aspected.

No wonder Malaysian opt for Japanese or European car. The only reason we bought Proton is because it is much more cheaper and affordable for middle and lower income. If there was no price control for imported cars i thinks Proton will not sell.

Proton maybe appreciated more their oversea customer than locally that's why the local market quality are compromised and i think because the was no quality standard being applied in our automotive industries.

Anyhow I and my fiance had decided no more Malaysian brand car. Enough already.....For the time being just got to bear with it. Hopefully someday Honda Civic or Toyota Altis or Lexus IS 250 will be my car..


Edy said...

Hi bro...boleh tahu apa sebab blinking D tu tak? keta adik ipar kena simptom ni td...thnaks

Edy said...

Hi bro....apa penyebab blinking D indicator tu ya? Keta adik ipar kena simptom tu tadi....thanks