Friday, November 7, 2008

Splitting Tongue

Today one of the customer complained their card access unable to access to the server room. When i went to meet him to justified what the problems he's keep complaining without given me the chances to find out or the problem or asking him.

My network requested me to asked customer whether he can access the main door. When i asked nicely he answer with high tone voice and continue babbling,complaining and demanding answer and looping the same thing i think about 10 times.

When i just want to start my conversation he cut my conversation.

Sometimes i wonder why there is this kind of people out there only know complaining and babbling but not helping and cooperating in justification the problem.

What really irritates me that i just ask a simple question, he give me answer equivalent to 10 sentences and keep looping the same thing. I know time is money but if you do not give some cooperation or info on the issue how can we solve a problem.

Fortunately i never exploded, i just bear with his nagging and you know it feels like he would never stop and the only thing that could stop him if you cut his tongue or you staples his mouth.

This type of people never considerate about others they only thinks about themselves, they think that only they are busy while others are relaxing and never do their works.

Anyway just want to let out all the madness that had been accumulated inside me.

Huh!!!! feels much more better after let it out.

Sorry if my english were bad.


Unknown said...

People do change in every aspect when comes to job matter...