Monday, November 1, 2010

Creative and Cool Pt 1

P/S: pictures courtesy from net,parental advisory contains material not suitable for 15years and above. Read at you own risk.You've been warn

The picture tell it all,when will this be available in Malaysia. If it does I'm sure most malaysian eyesball will dislocate a bit from their socket...well may this picture helps your in reducing your mondays blues and provide creativeness for you in achieving your goals for today.....enjoy

Creative at its best!!!

1. Erotic Shopping 
 2. ASPE Crime Stories Bag 
 3. Ann Summers - Kinky Whip 
4. Volkswagen Golf GTI Bag 

6. Greenpeace - Give M e Your Hand


Adam said...


Unknown said...

cool pix. Good finding!

However, fak wed verifikesyen and komen moderesyen

Wawa~* said...

haha,,. very creative lah.. kat malaysia, mcm hardly jumpa bags mcm ni kan.. hehe

Cik Norfa said...

pelik2 tul mat saleh ni design.

Entry terbaru : Resign Letter for my boss!

Unknown said...

wahhh tekejut den hehe tp siyess creative gile hehe

Saiyed said...

wow!! cool & creative!!

thumbs up!

velasrizal said...

huhu kemas la..

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EeSoon said...

love these bags...
they are so cute!

Sky8Men said...!!!!

Unknown said...

hahahaha...lawak betul la