Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I were enjoying my dinner with my colleague Mior at a mamak restaurant where at that particular time on Star Movie astro channel Sicko was aired. It was produced and directed by Michael Moore the famous documentary film that produce Fahrenheit 9/11.

This movie is about the health care system in the America. Unfortunately i were unable to watch the whole movie as i got to continue working. When i went back home the first thing i do was to download the Sicko movie as i wanted to continue where i missed out.

It was a quite shocking facts to found out that the America health care system did not benefit the people but it was more benefit to the Insurance and pharmaceutical companies and what was shocking is that here in Malaysia we use the same system.
The facts is our current system are more or less the same thing as in the States where we people get the less benefit rather than the companies and the richer.

It is fascinating to found out that in Canada, United Kingdom and France provided free medical treatment and very cheap medicine. In France they event provide free education system up to college level. Even more shocking is that in France the government even provide nanny for a new born,they will do all the house chores for you from laundry,house cleaning even cooking when needed and this all was provided by government. If you watched the movie you will be shock how much leave the France get and yet when you watch it in the TV it seem that the France never get enough.

I as a Malaysian would love to enjoy what the benefit that the France got. No wonder they are rated among the happiest and romantic people in the world because they able to enjoy it. Well maybe all of u think well because they are a rich country and they can afford it.

Well the end was a shocking for where my mind was open widely like how vast the universe. Cuba a country that had been economic and trade embargo by the America for more than 40 years just because it was a communist country where we were shown in the news especially that a lot of Cuban fled the country to America for better life, now i can say that the Cuban that fled are at loss. If you watch the movie you can see how the condition of the country is. Yet they are able to provide a health system for free and cheap medicine with the equivalent quality and facility in the America or Malaysia. Cuban are known as the best medicine practitioner in the whole wide world. One fact i got from the movie in Cuba, an Inhaler cost US$ 120 but in Cuba with same brand and quality it just cost 3.95peso or 3.95peso and equivalent to US dolar is just 5 cent!!!! Wonder???? how a country that are being sanction by the States in economic and trade able to provide a cheap medicine where as we know it was costly to get one. IF you watch the Havana Hospital facility as shown in the movie you'll be amaze the facility that they're providing.

This movie is a mind blowing, and eye opener for me and I hope it will do the same thing for you. If there where election today and a candidate suggest the system that had been shown in Sicko, I would definitely and confidently said that the party he represent will not only won the 2/3 majority but it will won the whole majority none seats will be missed, I am sure of it.

To all Malaysian watch SICKO this is not a request but more a command. So enjoy the show.

TO Michael Moore keep up and do provide us the facts not only for American but also the whole wide world


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part i love most...
when anti Michael Moore web site going to be shutdwn as he short of money coz his wife is not well..