Thursday, November 20, 2008

Moderation and Patience

In the current event of unpredictable certainties of the economic....we are facing hardship in maintaining our survivability. A lot of promises and talks among the leaders through out the world in finding the solutions of this catastrophic event.

Unfortunately no solutions or understandings had been made by these leader on how to counter the issues. peoples still in the midst of the situation.

As for now the only two things that we can do is to live in moderation and be patience.

We need to be moderate on our expenditure for the time being only buy the things that are necessary for us. Patience is the key for us to surpass this unwanted events. We have to face this and patiently within our powers to ensure we survive.

We will be rewards if we hold onto this two important things...we will passed this events and a new dawn of a better future are awaiting us.