Thursday, August 27, 2015

Berminat !!!!

Hello! We are introducing you a New Saving Plan:
How to generate RM400k in 12 months.
Start Saving to Guarantee a better future.
-1 life time business capital of RM6060 
- not a pyramid scheme
- licensed and regulated by KPDNKK (AJL no 932039)
- real business, real income
- established company
-Jakim approved.
The most revolutionary Saving Plan fits the current new economy.
Business capital starts with RM6060 and what is worth in these areas:
- ASB @ 7.5%pa = RM416
- Investment link @10%pa = RM600
- Fix deposit @4%pa = RM242
With this Saving Plan your returned accumulation you will earn RM400k  at the month of 12th after joining.
#terms and condition apply.
Interested please PM or Whatsapp 012-2595540 Fadli