Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Great Weekend

Last Friday fly to Langkawi with my wife and in laws to have our family holiday with Air Asia.

So during the 4 days 3 nights trip been busy traveling and cruising the whole Langkawi Island while the ladies roaming the shopping places a must visit place they said Idaman Suri or Seri can't remember a lot of house holds stuffs there with a good price..

Manage to visit the most expsensive hotel in Langkawi  the Datai unfortunately can't visit their private beach, was informed only this year they open to Malaysia previously they only cater for European visitor so if your planning to stay there do save RM 1,500/nights that the cheapest room there..good places for honey moon  or forest lover as the hotel was built surrounding forest area at Datai..

An Enjoyable and tiring holidays..if i do find a time will post some picture during my visit to Langkawi unfortunately no picture on our visit to Datai maybe you can google on it to find out more..