Monday, December 6, 2010


This coming Wednesday will be a week i'm enjoying unifi , up till now i'm satisfied with it downloads quite fast compared to 1 Mbps speed,streaming youtube no lagged occured..The only thing to test is streaming HD video.

IPTV very clear with my new Phillips HD TV,last Friday encountered my first issue with unifi, IPTV not working it seems like there was an issue with TM VSAT,service in restoration it quite good as it happen in the afternoon by 9pm IPTV back to normal. So for the time being its looking good but don't put much hope as customer increased in subscribing Unifi i'm sure the services will be slower that based on my previous encountered with streamyx but if its getting better that good for us consumer..

Anyhow the most i like its the direct downloads speed you can get 200KB/ as an anime freak really enjoying it..


Mamek Eaturmusicx said...

unifi heh. tiada pulak kat sungai ramal. T___T

Unknown said...

blm masuk lagi tu..nanti sampai la tu

AtoKSemPoi said...

ok ke ko pkai unifi?ade je org komplain..tah aku xpakai tu x tahu hehehe