Monday, November 15, 2010

The Romance City

December the month of holidays is just around the corner for those planning the have a lovely or romantic holidays maybe Kunming in China might be a good place to and pictures courtesy of msn and mastraveller . These are some reason why you should visit Kunming

1.        The mystical limestone
Eighty-five kilometers east of Kunming lies the magical ‘First Wonder of the World’, Stone Forest, Shilin. Towering limestone formations left behind from more than 270 million years ago form this monstrous masterpiece of nature, and in the sixth lunar month, the Torch Festival is celebrated here with folk dances and wrestling competitions.

2.      A temple like no other
The Yuantong Temple, built in the 9th Century is the most famous Buddhist centre in the Yunnan province. In the 1950s, it played host to a very unique ceremony – the handing over of Buddha’s tooth! Other notable holy houses include: Bamboo (Qiongzhu) Temple on Yu'an Mountain, Huating Temple in Western Hills and Black Dragon Pool Temple in Longquan Hill.

3.         It was built on love
According to local folklore the mountains around the Dianchi Lake form the silhouette of a sleeping woman whose grief and tears over the loss of a loved one pooled into the water below. It’s ancient love at its finest!
Sixteen kilometers west of Kunming, the Dragon Gate Temple at the Dragon Golden Mountain boasts the most stunning view of the lake and surrounding mountains that’ll steal your heart.

 4.One of the 10 biggest waterways in China affords the most picturesque scenes in the city. There’s even a replica of this lake in Beijing’s Summer Palace, called ‘Kunming Lake’.


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