Friday, November 12, 2010

Creative and Cool Pt 4

P/S: Watch at your own risk,some pictures is unsuitable for 18 years below parental advisory required

It been days since my last post these will be the final post on those cool and creative shopping bags...hopefully some shopping bag designer will visit my post to give them idea to creative a cool shopping bag here in Malaysia

21. Alinna

 22. Book

 23. Headhunting Agency Shopping Bag

 24. Karl Lagerfeld Shopping Bag

 25. Olympic Shopping Bag

26. Tom of Finland Shopping Bag  

 30. Samsung TV Bag  

All pictures courtesy from the net  


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peah @ peps said...

your blog is so cool...

hi i'm Cik Peah...dropping by to say hello...hopefully u'll always visit mine ya...

Rina Rossoneri said...

woooooo sangat cun.. yg no26 itu censored...hehe

Shaofie said...

jalan-jalan sambil follow back!