Friday, November 19, 2010

Best Place to live

This review based on msn so maybe some of you interested to live and work there or maybe a place to live after retirement or just make as your 2nd and picture courtesy of MSN

Vienna is one of Europe's most vibrant urban spaces. Few cities in the world slide so effortlessly between the past and the present with Vienna's old-fashioned imperial buildings rubbing shoulders so amicably with the new MuseumsQuartier cultural hub.

Synonymous with worldwide banking, Zurich has an economic and cultural importance that belies its unassuming size. Blessed with blissfully clean air, the stunning Lake Zürich and the Altstadt district with its fine boutiques and restaurants, it is little wonder the locals are so contented.

Surrounded by the ocean and sitting in the shadow of majestic mountains, Vancouver is a shiny, modern North American metropolis infused with a lighthearted candour. Vancouverites mainly live for the outdoors and nowhere is better for discovering British Columbia's awesome wilderness.

 Auckland may not be New Zealand's capital but it is the country's largest city. From the pulsating waterfront, up through the busy Downtown district and into the vastly distinct suburbs and the glorious beaches, there isn't an inch of the city that isn't thriving with energy.

Frankfurt am Main, is the dynamic and international financial and trade fair city with the most imposing skyline in Germany. The dynamic European city is a global village, a melting pot of cultures, languages and lifestyles.

How bout it do you considering it well if you can afford to live there at least pay a might be worthwhile for your holiday.