Sunday, October 3, 2010

Half Man, Half Price

Ever thinking of complaining about yourself or you feel your life is full of bad luck, well before thinking of it read the story of this man..then think again...

In life we keep complaining about what is or why we don't have.Half the time we seem dissatisfied, though full-bodied and free to choose. Fat people say,"I want to be slim." Skinny people say,"I want to be fatter."
Poor people want to be rich and rich are never satisfied with what they have. 

PENG Shuilin is 78cms high. He was born in Hunan Province, China.In 1995, in Shenzhen, a freight truck sliced his body in half..His lower body and legs were beyond repair.
Surgeons sewed up his torso.Peng Shuilin, 37, spent nearly two years in hospital in Shenzhen, southern China,undergoing a series of operations to re-route nearly every major organ or system inside his body.Peng kept exercising his arms, building up strength, washing his face and brushing his teeth.

He survived against all  odds.Now Peng Shulin has astounded doctors by learning to walk again after a decade.
Considering Peng's plight, doctors at the China Rehabilitation Research Centre in Beijing devised an ingenious way to allow him to walk on his own,creating a sophisticated egg cup-like casing to hold his body, with two bionic legs attached.

It took careful consideration, skilled meaasurement and technical expertize.Peng has been walking the corridors of Beijing Rehabilitation Centre with the aid of his specially adapted legs and a resized walking frame.

RGO is a recipicating gait orthosis, attached to a prosthetic socket bucket. There is a cable attached to both legs so when one goes forward, the other goes backwards. Rock to the side, add a bit of a twist and the leg without the weight on it advances, while the other one stays still, giving a highly  inefficent way of ambulation. Oh so satisfying to 'walk' again after ten years with half a body!

Hospital vice-president Lin Liu said: "We've just given him a checkup; he is fitter than most men his age."Peng Shuilin has opened his own bargain supermarket,called the Half Man-Half Price Store.The inspirational 37-year-old has become a businessman and is used as a role model for other amputees. At just 2ft 7ins tall, he moves around in a wheelchair giving lectures on recovery from disability. His attitude is amazing, he doesn't complain."He had good care, but his secret is cheerfulness. Nothing ever gets him down." You have a whole body. You have feet. Now you have met a man who has no feet.His life is a feat of endurance, a triumph of the human spirit in overcoming extreme adversity.Next time you want to complain about something trivial, don't. Remember Peng Shulin instead.

Actually we are lucky...think again

story and picture courtesy of internet


Mrs. Q! said...

sedihlah tgk org macam ni
tapi bangga sebab dorang kuat semangat nak teruskan hidup :D

Hilda Milda™ said...

but then how is he going to urine or pass motion if he lost his lower limb? pelik kan? but it's so lucky to be able to live (:

Solihin Zubir said...

camne dia buang air besar n kecil eh? musykil gak..

blue said...

didnt know human can still survive with half a torso...thanks for posting it up. Pretty amazing stuff.

kikilala said...

alamak,,,terasa la pulak saya ni.
:( manusia mmg tak pernah bersyukur

nur said...

yup.. kita tak pernah rasa cukup dgn apa yang ada..


domokun said...

soo be sastify with what we have..^^

Mizz_Ila said...

huh..kuat tol semangat dia nak hidup cam org normal

Myvitrd said...

ishh..kesiannya.. kalau yang sempurna ni tak nak bersyukur aku pon tak tahulah..

Unknown said...

memang kuat semangat dia nih..
kuman "prestasi..." Entry

Ez Vina said...

so touching.