Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fullfill 5 Terms, Then you can commit as many sins you like

Well seen it a lot at difference blog but all still in Malay i will try my best translating it in English, firstly apologize if i make any error on grammar or spelling. This dedicated to my fellow Muslim as we human tend to forget the reason we were created.

These was the term given by Ibrahim bin Adam to a man who confess that he likes to make sins and these are the term and Ibrahim bin Adam had provided.

If you thinking of making sins to Allah

First: Don't eat any food that produce here on earth by Allah s.w.t
Second: Don't live in the earth created by Allah s.w.t
Third:Find a hidden place where Allah s.w.t can't See you
Fourth: To ask delay from the Angel of Death when you're going to die as you need to repent yourself
 Last but not least 
Fifth: When Angel Zabaniah want to take you to hell,don't follow.

So guys  and gals if you think you can fulfill these 5 terms successfully without missing any only then you may proceed to do sins as you wish.

Like Nabil said 'Lu think yourself'


DoJef said...

thanks for the reminder ;)

Nash said...

thnx fadzie..
pesanan yg brgna..

lovelylady - シングルママ said...

thanks 4 reminding! me, just a norm people..but will try my very best to do my very improve me, myself..insyaAllah..

Unknown said...

thanks fadli. hopefully all of us will this reminder beneficial to follow as our life's guideline.

hans said...

thanks 4 ur reminder...
I'll try to remember it

p/s : Dun 4 get to catch up the new Epidose ADKDA