Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Natural Beauty

Nowadays beauty are due to the improvements of make ups and also photoshop but still the best to thing know whether the girls is a beauty is by her natural look it means no make here some of Hollywood famous actresses without their make up.

What do you think are they still beautiful even without make up you decide like nabil said Lu think yourseilf...

.Jessica Biel

 Alicia Silverstone

Katherine Heigl

 Barbara Streisand 

Janice Dickinson

Well these are some of Hollywood most famous celebrity.......hope you enjoy 


fiona06 said...

I guess that's suppose 2 make us ordinary people feel better abt ourselves?

Unknown said...

well actually all of us are special and unique in our own way, well the only difference us from them is that the celebrities is known most of the world,we only known by our family,friends and fellow collegues

iamzulfadli said...

natural beauty is inner beauty

azimask said...

hohohohhoho sapa tak cantik bila dah make up .. heheheheheeh

itu la gunanya make up.. hehehe

gula manis said...

haha .. yes ! we need a make up untk kelihatan cntik rite ? .. hhuhu .. =)