Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Old Days Ep 1

These are some old medicals equipment used by the old doctors...its quit old i think this equipment maybe dated around 1800....well imagine if these equipment still being used today...I'm sure most of us won't go to the hospitals..what do you think....??

  Tobacco Enema (1750-1810)
Used for drown victims

 Artificial Leech (1840)
 used to treat eye and ear problems

Double Guillotine (1860)
used to remove stone(batu karang) 

Screw "Gag" (1880-1910)
Used to force patient opening mouth,especially those who hate to take medicine  

Well that all for now...picture courtesy by be grateful for the advanced technology that we achieved...


nadja said...

rajin nyer mencari barang2 lama..

Lyss Marlyssa said...

gambo last tu dah macam drill aku tgk!!hihi..