Monday, November 9, 2009

Hoax and Truth about car

I just stumble upon i think its worth while to share this info of course this not my work,these are courtesy to menknowpause and of course thanks to Chrysler,Jeep and Dodge.....hopefully this info will help your to save some money on your car maintenance.....

Myth, hoax, or truth?: You should always warm your car up before driving on a cold day.
Answer: Myth.
Although the majority of the driving population may consider this to be true, it can actually cause damage to vehicles if done continuously. (Instead of letting your car warm up in your driveway, drive it slowly and easily the first few miles until it comes up to operating temperature.)

Myth, hoax, or truth?: You should not blast your vehicle's air conditioner when sitting in traffic or while driving at more than 60 miles per hour.
Answer: Myth.
Vehicle heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are engineered and tested to operate in even the most severe types of driving environments. The air conditioner has cooling fans and a condenser that allow it to operate even under these stressful conditions, so blast away.

Myth, hoax, or truth?: It is possible to check your tire tread with a penny.
Answer: Truth.
You should use a proper tire gauge to check tire pressure, but it is possible to check tire tread with the use of a penny. Simply pinch a penny between your thumb and forefinger so Lincoln's head and "In God We Trust" are showing. Insert the penny into a tire tread groove. If the tire covers any part of Lincoln's head, then your tires should have a safe amount of tread. If you can see Lincoln's head in its entirety or any parts of "In God We Trust" are showing, it is time to invest in a new tire. Be sure to check all tires and in different locations on each tire because the amount of wear can vary from tire to tire and from inner tread to outer tread.

Myth, hoax, or truth?: If you still have fuel in your gas tank when you refill it, use the same grade of fuel that is currently in the tank.
Answer: Hoax.
As long as you use unleaded brands of gasoline, it will not harm your vehicle if you mix different grades of fuel.


Tony Wan said...

Haha... thx for the informations :D

lionel0008 said...

Nice info. I think the first one is true for diesel engines but false for petrol engines