Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What a Blast !!!!!

Today on a way back listening to fly.fm and as usual flirty at 10.30pm on air that time....today a girl want to ask a guy out for a date.....she only knew her through facebook.....as usual before the DJ make a call they will play music....once the music done.

DJ called the boy...have a nice chit chat, the boy seem excited but when the DJ hinted the person who want to date him...he's start being nervous and stated that the girl quite freaky la...excuses and the best part is when the DJ informed him that the girl are on the other line they have a chit chat and suddenly the guy admitted that he was happily married and he did not put married status at his facebook......Man what blast!!!! he 'kantoi' himself on national  radio....pity for him...you ask it yourself hopefully his wife didn't heard on the radio....Anyway to that guy all the best man....HAHAHA!!!!