Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shah Alam Sec13 'Pasar Tani' Mega

Just got back from mega 'Pasar Tani' at section 13 near the Selangor state stadium just in front of Shah Alam Tesco Extra previously known as Makro Shah Alam...well its pack over there the arrived about 8.30am...... and the parking almost full, had to park quite far from the stalls..well a good exercise for me.

I used to remember during my younger days when the stadium carpark was  turn into a carboot sale place..where people who want to sells their old and unused things..durings that only a few stalls are open estimate about 20....

Gradually as time passed by from a car boot sale it was change into 'pasar tani' at that time only foods and wet and dry goods were sold..the space it to bigger that the car boot sale...more that 20 stalls.

Now the goods sells full of varieties from wet and dry goods, traditional medecine and herbs,variety of foods,clothes,toys,plants..even cars for sale were displayed over there.....It also had become a place were family gathered over there to enjoy breakfast....well its big it will become another 10 years time...well to all live near to Shah Alam. you'll should visit the Mega 'Pasar tani' .

Maybe in the future i will took picture and showed to all of you how 'meriah' the place.


adi azli said...

haha..saya dah duk kat shah alam tu 6 tahun..mase tu saya blaja lagi la kat UiTM...memang cukup suke bile g situ..meriah dengan orang, meriah dengan gelagat peniaga yang nk tarik customer..hai..memang takleh lupe laa..rindu nak pegi lagi...balik dari pasar tani tu..wajib beli at least 1 barang..tak kisah la baju bundle ke..kuih ke, nasi lemak kukus yang best ke...haha