Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A New Dawn

Second day posting at Alliance Bank (JRC).....i read an interview with the beloved Sultan of Selangor in The Star,even though not much topics being discuss but the topics discuss are an important issue that related with our current environment and most of the issue only involve around Selangor but some are related to national issue.

As a Selangorians even though born in KL i'm proud of my Ruler, he answered the question intelligently,short and straight to the points. Now is the time for the exposure for the younger generation of Ruler they're potraying themselves not just a symbols but a true Ruler whose cared about its people under their ruling.

The remarks that Sultan Selangor gave in his interview most of them are reminders for the political leaders to perform their duties as the elected leaders by the people. This is what Rulers responsibility as a check and balance for the government and ensuring the government fulfill their duties to 'rakyat'.

Reminders are important to us, as we tend to forget or went sideways from our objectives. Even in Islam also stated that human are tend to forget and it is our responsibility as a community to remind each others.

To our beloved Sultan and Ruler of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah keep up the good work 'Tuanku' keep on reminding us on our responsibiliy. As i a humble 'rakyat' in your domain pledge loyalty under your Ruling.