Monday, December 15, 2008


Tomorrow me and fiance will be going to do the HIV test as it's a requirements for our marriage..even though i know i never done anythings that will make me HIV positive but it's still make me nerve nowadays you can get HIV not only through sex and drug addiction, unnoticed you can get it when drug addicts leave their needle carelessly at the park,roads or anywhere that you can walk or sit......

Hope all will went well until the D day........pray for the best.....I'm sure my fiance will be nervous not due to the test but the needle that will be put into she was afraid of the needle not just that she also afraid to see the's hard for her to see the doctor alone... Well that why i in her life as i will support and push her to see the doctor for her own good. Anyway I love u Sayang......will my whole heart....may we be together till the day we left this temporary world.