Monday, November 3, 2008

Wuhhh!!!!!! A typical white colar job

Just got back from work, fortunately today not much issue but still as usual every time when it almost end of my shift there will be some weird issue one of the customer complain that some of their branch encounter slowness in their system. As usual as per request by customer performed trouble shooting looking for any irregularities i their network system.

Typical of customer when informed that there were no issues with their they still complain that there a problem with the line. Sometimes i do not know what is the problem with them, if you got such you should info you should already wonder maybe there was a problem on their part or take the initiatives to prove that on their part there were no issue.

These so call IT knowledgeable showed like they knew nothing about network or IT. Anyhow this is my job got to bear with it, got to get through...this is what called life... learn from it.