Friday, October 24, 2008

Sad News

I just got a sad news this morning when i receive a sms saying that one of uniten friend was in a critical condition and in coma state. Both me and my fiance went to visit her at the Ampang hospital, when i saw her condition my heart suddenly feel sad as this is sudden news for and i thought she will be in that condition.

She suffered final stage acute leukemia, she only discover about her illness after suffered fever for a week. The first diagnose by the doctor they suspected she was having dengue and when performing blood later she found out that she suffered acute leukemia. Yesterday she went to do a chemotherapy during half the treatment and she collapse and went on to coma state.

This news was a shock for all of her uniten frens. As i knew her she friendly, full of smiles easy to talk to, a sweet girl and a bright girl. To all uniten let us pray and hope she able to recover from her coma state.