Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today when i read Utusan Malaysia i come across one article at the sport section regarding AFC, asia football governing body. They make a demand from our Youth and Sport Ministry, if they demand are not meet they will move out to other asia country.

When i look at what's their demanding it nonsense here are some of their demands

1. Tax exemption
2. 20 years loan
3. Diplomat status for their senior officer.

These are all rubbish demands, For the whole time they're here they did not contribute in the development of our football, our football is not improving but it's degrading.

For me if they want to get out if here feel free to do so. There will be no difference whether they are here or not as they did bring any contribution to our country whether is sport, economic or social.

For our development of football it doesn't depend on them it our football association tast FAM.

What i can say thank you for 43 years you choose Malaysia to be as your HQ office. May next country you choose will help you to be a better governing body for the future of Asian football.