Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A lost

Today while i was busy working i received an sms from my fiance. In her sms she said that she was informed that Nurul Shikin who currently in critical condition had passed away at 4pm 29/10/2008.

I wish condolence to her family.

This event had just struck my mind how fragile our life is. This is a reminder to all
mankind deaths wait no man or woman. When it comes it will come and it can't be postponed.

This is a reminder to all Muslim from Allah that we should be prepared anytime. Remember the phrase 'Work hard as if you will live for 1000 years perform "Ibadah" as if you will die tomorrow'.

To all who knew Nurul Shikin Alaudin a Uniten student,cheerful and friendly friend let's 'Sedekah' Al-Fatihah to her, may her souls blessed by the Almighty ALLAH s.w.t. She had left us in this world but she's forever in our heart till the rest of our life.